It’s time to stop glamorizing the struggle and tell a deeper truth. 🥰😆🙈 - Mandy Perry

Actually? (Love bomb coming…….)

You know the one next thing to do.
You know what you want.
You know your vision (for now)
You know who you want to hire for support.
You know ecactly what you suck at and need to practice.

There is this thing in our culture where when we say – oh this is so hard- others feel like we are valuable humans who work hard.

Except that’s BS LOL.👎🏻

All it means is we are focused on talking about struggle rather than doing what we already know to do.

Want more financial wealth?
Make more sales and clean up your energy.

Want more of a loving powerful following of humans?
Give them epic content to support them and BE a loving powerful human.

Want a life of travel and adventure?
Design your business around that.

Want to be in a high vibe, joyful state?
Be around joyful, high vibe humans and stop focusing on what’s not working.

None of this is complex.
None of this is fancy.

You have an opportunity here, to wake up, snap out of it and recognize that everything you wanted has been sitting right there the whole time. 😆🙌💰🙏🏼✨

It’s the perfect excise as to why you are not there yet right?

I don’t know how.
It’s too hard.
I don’t know the right humans.
I don’t have the means.

We were born to FLY.
We were born to grow and expand.
We were born to challenge ourselves and evolve.

Your soul will not breathe until you finally give up this “hard” story and DECIDE that you get to have what you’re soul is leading you into. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Choose it.
Show up for it.
Enjoy it.

I love you
Mandy xx
ACA Jan 2021
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– You don’t want to spend your whole life on social media.
– You don’t want to edit and censor yourself.
– You don’t ever want to feel like you are pushing sales on people or chasing clients.

– You want flow, ease, and alignment.
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