#morningLOVErant - Mandy Perry

I feel certain within myself.
I know myself more and more each day.
My personal values are becoming more and more clear as each day passes.

I feel my certainty.
I know certainty is always available for me anytime I choose it.
I trust my truth in each moment.

I feel the ease of certainty in the NOW, with the ability to expand and evolve as I go.
I feel the deep exhale of relief.
I feel the silliness and peace of mind flowing inside of me.

I feel the aliveness beginning to bubble up within me.
I feel the deep resounding JOY ever-present within me.

The courage to tell the truth about what I want.
I feel myself getting more and more clear about what I truly want.
Who I want to be.
What I want to accomplish.
Who I want as mentors.
What energy I want my life to be lived in.

I feel myself evolving.
I see each piece of my life growing and evolving to the newness that aligns with my new feelings.

I feel savvy. Awake. Unapologetic. Tuned in. Turned on.

I feel wealth flowing through me to every area of my life.
I feel wide open to huge quantum shifts happening with ease and effortlessness.

I feel myself knowing ME more and more, every second, every minute, every day, every week, every month, every year that passes.

I CHOOSE who I want to be.
How I want life to be.
What I want to feel and experience.
What results I want.
And every single clear intention I set is met instantly with infinite abundance.

I am a powerful manifestor.

As I say, so it is.
As YOU say, so it is.
As we say, so it is.

I love you,
mandy xx