YOU EVER MEET A MAN WHO DEMANDS RESPECT, but you don't actually respect him?😳 - Mandy Perry

Because he doesn’t have the qualities of a human you feel respect for?

And it feels so annoying or yucky to be around someone trying to demand that?
And it even can feel traumatic when he is forceful or threatens things? 🙈

OK… 🥁
Well, that’s how you are being, to yourself, in your life, if you are saying things like:
“Why isn’t this happening faster?”
“I should be at $30k months by now.”
“I’m not getting the engagement I want.”
“I want to speak better before I do a FB live.”

Etc etc etc

#human lol

We get to drop the entitlement.
We get to BECOME the human we feel born to be.
We get to suck until we don’t suck anymore.
We get to show up for the call.
We get to lead, delegate and DO the damn things.

The whole point was always to BECOME the human.. not to get the result.

If the man demanding respect from the world, and not getting it… took the feedback he was getting from life as useful feedback that he was in fact a human others largely do not respect, he could become a man who inspires respect. Very easily.

But while he’s trying to force it and unwilling to start where he is and BECOME, he will repeat the day over & over.


Ahhhh feel the exhale.
Right here!
Without one single thing needing to be any different 🙂

Of course, what we desire is coming!
It couldn’t be any other way.
Right now, at this moment, it’s happening.

And we get to feel the excitement of choosing to BECOME.


I love you,


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