Genius??? ohhhhh…
That’s the word right there.
The part of you that is so effortless we’re almost embarrassed by it. It comes so effortless we can’t get our head around charging for it.

It feels so easy, like… we should just give it away. Just help.

That thing NO ONE ELSE does exactly like you.
It’s your gift.

My gift is making money with ease as you learn to build your dream business and life. I can pinpoint the beliefs and behavior and predict exactly what will stop you before it even happens.

I know exactly why you are doing what you are doing and what you need to shift it.

And I know what your genius is. The thing you really show be doing because you are so gifted at it and you don’t even see it even though it’s BLATINGLY obvious lol.

But we go round and round in silly conversation because you can’t believe that THIS could be it. This is the thing you get to get paid for because it’s so easy for you. It feels like it has to be hard.

Except in your zone of genius, work DOESN’T FEEL LIKE WORK.

So instead I’ll study all the others living theirs.
Bicker lol
Watch Netflix
Get sick
Create 5 programs I never sell.
Read 1/4 of 3 books
Buy 3 more $22 programs

on and on and on.

What’s so scary about being your genius and letting it be easy?
What might happen if you dare to step into this version of you and CREATE for the world?

What pain are you afraid might happen?
What thing that you adore are you afraid will be taken away?

What is UNCONSCIOUSLY sabotaging you and wants to EMERGEEEEE?

Just poking around getting you warmed up to take the stage.

I LOVE you.
mandy xx

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