Some days it hits the fan. 😆 - Mandy Perry

Some days I don’t feel well, I’m tired or I feel overwhelmed.

Some days my daughter makes me want to hide in a faraway cave… with a lot of peace and quiet.

Some days I feel flat and uninspired.

I tell myself, it’s ok to not show up today.
It’s ok to not create today.
It’s ok to not let my voice be heard today.

I’m too messy.
I’m too cranky.
I’m too tired.
I’m too bla bla voices voices

I’ve said this 100 times already.
They will feel like I’m pretending to be vulnerable just to market.
Your voice changes too much and they will think you are bipolar 😂😂😂

And I want to listen to those voices and go watch Netflix soooooo bad!!
I feel the inner battle.
I feel the temper tantrum.

And then I remind myself…. consistency feels so damn good.
My soul cannot breathe unless I’m CREATING.
Doing what I’m here to do HEALS ME. Gives me energy!

It keeps me on track.
It creates a steadiness in my life I never had before.

I feel proud of myself.
I feel trustworthy.
I feel powerful, heard, seen, expressed.
Stable, generous, fulfilled…

I’m a woman of service.
I’m a woman who keeps her word.
I’m steady AF.
I got me.
I got us.
We got this.

To the humans who show the fk up, especially when it’s hard. 🥂

I love you.
I’m with you

Mandy xx

Ps: this 📸?? So cool right? Chilling in Bali, but really, I’m off to get lice treatment done for Bailey and texting my cleaner to come vacuum when I’m gone. 😂😂😂😂 #reallife

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