There's something so very different about you... - Mandy Perry

The trajectory of the planet will not be the same until you answer the call, and somewhere inside…
You know that.
You FEEL that.
You have always felt that.

Maybe it feels arrogant to acknowledge. Maybe it’s a little uncomfortable to feel that power.

Feel it anyway.
Acknowledge it anyways.

We need YOU to trail-blaze your path for the others.
Many will hear the call, have the creative ideas, feel the prompts.. and it will go unanswered.

It takes HEART, courage, and perseverance to rise.
To take lead.
To be responsible for guiding other’s souls.

It takes courage to be YOU, to be seen, heard, witnessed.
To be perfectly imperfect, raw, and vulnerable.
To dare to dream big and take brave action.

To believe your beliefs out loud.
To stand for the world you want to create.

So, SO many daydreams of being in their power, creating this impact… create a new schedule over & over, start big ideas and let them fall away…

But then there is you.
The you who dug deep inside and found the courage to tell yourself the truth about the power within you.

And humans changed.
They really changed. And the ripple effect is unimaginable.

Your inbox is full of messages of humans thanking you for “being you”… for leading the way.. for truth-telling.

And you go to sleep at night feeling incredibly proud of who you chose to be.

You wake up in the morning with excitement and deep profound joy for the day, no longer having that old feeling of pressure, the tight squeeze in your chest knowing you weren’t showing up for your LIFE.

The impact we make happens at THIS moment now, because now is all that there ever was. Now.

Life is the greatest gift any of us could have ever dreamed of. And here we are! ALIVE! Awake!

What if you gave yourself permission to follow the path that awakens your soul, your delight, your passion?

What if you did that now?

Simply because it’s what makes your soul breathe. With no explanation needed…

I love you.
mandy xx

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