FACING THE THING head on ☕️ 💄 - Mandy Perry

Others will continue to turn to you for advice.
It will always be YOU.

Let’s be real for a moment.

By now, you should have all of those epic programs launched.

All of those fire-y blogs written.
All of those videos created.

By now you should be feeling the deep exhale of the financial overflow of the consistent creation of your genius ideas & deep wisdom.

By now the world should have felt your impact.
Your love.
Your fire.

You almost went to YOUR next level.
You almost finished.
almost followed through.
almost changed the world.
almost fully lept into the fire breathing love explosion you were born to be.

Just need to learn a little more… then…
Just need to make this a little more perfect…..
Just need to study a few more humans and how they do it…

Just one more episode.
Just one more video about IG followers

I just want to FEEL it first Mandy, then I will really be the fire consistently.

Once I’m POSITIVE it will work then I’ll laugh that course my soul hungers for,
Once I’m having engagement then I’ll do consistent FB lives.

I mean, I have all of these ideas…
I have 7 journals scattered everywhere…
I have 5 books I’m reading, well…

I know it’s going to happen!
I just…..

…. And then life passed
And just like that, another month rolled by.
Another year rolled by.

You watched others create and soar, and you kept feeling your way into finally being ready…

Watching all of your ideas and financial freedom happen through others around you.

But you kept ready, watching free videos and waiting to feel perfectly ready for your next level.

As your soul slowly withered and died inside…


Because you are called to lead.
To rise
To penetrate
To trailblaze
To guide
To teach
To heal
To soarrrrrrrrrr

No one is going to make you claim your life.
It’s up to you.
It was always you.

This impact and financial abundance is nothing more than the difference between choosing good enough for now, or the great you truly desire.

GREAT… is a choice, we must OPT IN TO.

I love you
mandy xx


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Luxury home
Lap top life
Support of the greats
Taking care of parents
Creating a life for your kids you never had

What’s the ONE thing that will make it all happen?


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