If this were any other day...any other day at all, I would be anticipating your arrival. - Mandy Perry

I would heat up and feel my heart race as you walked in.
I would feel your body press against mine.

You would breathe me in as you have done 1,000 times.
We would melt into each other as souls who have known each other for lifetimes.

I would let your touch convince me that you were HOME. We would subtly lie to each other and push away the reality as we pulled each other close.

But today is not that.

We were fire and magic.
We were all-consuming.
We were un-healable heartache.
We were two volcanic souls colliding together in a perfect firestorm of chemistry.

We bared our hearts and souls to each other, in a raw unapologetic dance.

It was the thing most humans wait their entire life for, hold their breath with yearning hearts hoping for a taste of this very magic.

We wanted it to last forever.
This effortless dance. This melding of souls. This deep unyielding passion.

We knew we would say goodbye the moment we first kissed.
We knew we should run…
We knew the intensity of this fire would consume us one day… but we jumped in together, hand in hand.

And… I could have let you burn me with your fire forever…

I could have let you take my breath away forever.. but I needed someone who could breathe INTO me…

I could have spent my life feeling your touch, your weight, your kiss… but I yearned for the monotony of commitment. Plans. Stability.

If this were any other day at all we would be making each other forget that we belong somewhere else.

But it’s morning, the sun is shining and the smell of coffee isn’t on your lips anymore.

And while I do not feel the fire flowing inside of me in anticipation of seeing you now… I can finally breathe.

~ Mandy k. Perry