I remember the moment it all clicked for me. - Mandy Perry

The moment I embodied my power.
The moment I truly saw how everything works together in my life, for real

And it’s probably not what you think.

It was about 3 years ago.
I was freaking out.

I wanted to travel but I was a mom, and felt like giving my kids full access to me was the only way to be a good mother.

I wanted to have millions but was scared of that level of responsibility. I didn’t want to work that hard.

I wanted to take on more clients but didn’t want to be sitting in my office that much of my life.

I wanted to be in better shape but didn’t want to spend 1.5 hours of my life working out, taking time away from everything else.

I wanted to read and learn but I felt like I should be cleaning or working!
I wanted to play and frolic with friends but there was always so much to do.

It just felt like, HOW. How the fudge do I do it all and not feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Let alone, journal, green juice, yoga, meditate.. lol.. w.. t…f for real.

I laugh, but it was so overwhelming and annoying and confusing.

And then it happened.
My mentor at the time, Kat, said… “Nothing takes from anything else. It’s not like little blocks being traded. It all works to strengthen each other.”

………. o…..M….G……….
What if that were true??

WHAT IF…. being a resent mom actually contributes to enjoying travel more? yup yup…. ok

What IF traveling with friends more helps my business strengthen, and helps my relationship with my kids…
OMG… yes yesssss…….

What IF taking to more clients means MORE energy to fire up at the gym?
What if firing up at the gym means MORE $ and more $ means more freedom…

OMGG!!!! It’s true!!!
Ahhhhhh!!! It’s true it’s true it’s true.

I felt every single weight I had been carrying fall away.
I was making up some scary stories, born in poverty, conditioned by culture, that it all takes something away from me, and it all takes away from the other things.

AND none of that was real.

It ALL was parts of me that fed other parts.
It was all fuel for the Love, presence, and results I desired.

I really was allowed to have. it. all.

And so it was.
The creator was born.

Remember, success is just the difference between choosing what you want right now, and choosing the thing you want MOST… then making that choice NOW.

I love you. So much.
mandy xx
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