Welcome to the most transformational 10 days of your life.


This is 10 days of full on massive support to embrace and embody the GLOBAL CEO in you to back yourself in living your purpose.


Our Journey:

Day 1

Your Personal VISION & Money Mindset.
We are going to develop a vision that is so deep it propels you through anything life dishes out – while also wiring a powerful WORLD CHANGER money mindset that allows resistance free vision brought to life.

This alone will skyrocket your levels of happiness and RESULTS. You are going to feel and understand how to truly be UNSTOPPABLE.

Day 2

The clear mind & decisive moves of the AWAKENED CEO. How to do this staying in complete integrity so that your nervous system and subconscious are in alignment and backing you up every step of that way. (THIS created HUGE- HUGE- momentum in my business)

Day 3

The Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Energetics of the Awakened CEO. Yes, we are going to receive all the MONEY – but we also are going to grow our humanity, compassion, wholeness, CLARITY and our joy! This is the journey of creating a MEANINGFUL life while we 10x the money.

Day 4

Owning Your Role as a Leader to the Leaders Embracing your magnetic role to your audience. Understanding the presence, warmth and power in being a magnetic leader. This is what creates a massive following, engaged clients that shout your name from the rooftops and identify YOU as a leader they are proud to have doing life with them as you both create a global impact.

Day 5

Your Business Vision Creating a magnetic BRAND that will stand the test of time. What does your company stand for? What is the impact you are leaving? How do you market this to get MASSIVE results?

Day 6

CEO Boundaries You are letting people waste your time, and you are letting things drain your energy. You are far too important to have this kind of leak happening. This week is a journey of having the savvy vision of the AWAKENED CEO, and protecting your zone of genius.

Day 7

The Habits & Schedule of the AWAKENED CEO. Success leaves clues – how to we balance allowing & receiving with effort & contribution for MAXIMUM SUCCESS?

Day 8

The Roles in a Global Company We are going to teach you all of the roles in Mandy Perry Inc, their task lists, and how to hire incredible people. (This was a huge struggle for me and I am so excited to hand this down!)

Day 9

Break though FEAR and Excuses and SHOW UP no matter what comes at you. Life will come at you, things will happen… but our work this week is to create a rock in you that will not be moved when you take a hit. You will build a stamina for the ages… and it is not something that can be lost. Once it’s your’s IT’S YOURS.

Day 10

Live Q&A for all the questions that come up and aren’t answered on the daily LIVES & Q&A – This tends to be one of the most powerful days of all in the groups.


I am excited to get to know you better!
If you don’t already know me… Hi! Welcome. My name is Mandy Perry, and I am a regular girl who went from being a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week.. to a global business on track for 7 figures in only the 3rd year. Everything I do is SIMPLE and based out of serving my clients. Clients come first in the business, the rest falls into place.


My style is NO BS, no holding back, give you everything I have to give until I am triggered that I am giving too much lol. I give you access to behind the scenes because that’s what I wanted from my own mentors, and it was hard to find.


I will call you out and be your biggest fan. My boundaries are strong and I don’t allow you to waste your precious time on regurgitating what you already know, or what already did or didn’t happen. I laser in on ONE thing and one thing only… what you said you wanted… and if your choices and behaviors back that up – and what needs to shift to make it happen. THEN WE SHIFT IT.


My high-end clients know this as the no fly zone. It’s for the 1% of people who are truly ready to step up and lead the leaders. You and I both see the shenanigans going on and know they need us to lead them. Now we are going to do this in a way where you are CLEAR, FOCUSED, and on fucking point DAILY. Not only that – but you are going to know how to close the deal so that you are being rewarded in a BIG EPIC way for supporting those around you.

I will be live every day – and available every step with you.

This is NOT just another program you are dropped and lost in.



I cant wait to get to know you!!



What’s Next:

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This is a powerful step.


Love you

Mandy xx

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“I’m doing the work which is a major win for me! Seeing difficult situations much more clearly. Definitely feeling ok/good/excited about being a millionaire woohoo!”

– Georgia

“Today I wrote my first small blog post with CTA!”

– Taylor

“I’m practicing some major taking myself and my biz seriously boundaries. I’m doing it! I’m growing my capacity daily!”

– Janet

“I REALIZED: I will work until the goal is accomplished! 
I am UNAVAILABLE for: Doubts.
My NEW STANDARD: There is no stopping me now!
I REALIZED and WILL NEVER FORGET: fear likes obscurity and I will design, not react.
I have been CHOOSING to play small and procrastinate.
Thank you Mandy!”

– Silvia

“After yesterday’s work I realize I have aligned back to my true nature around my work in general. I became a writer because I was that person inside. I love helping other people express themselves and see what’s possible. I feel like I’ve really returned that place by working with the fear energy around business and money in general.

I have also decided that I know it’s going to work, I am successful and I know it. And I am unavailable for any other outcome. Officially.. This is a MASSIVE shift!!”

– Danielle

“Got a paid client after a 2 year dry spell! Successful session. Joined MP coaching!”

– Lisa

“I shifted my energy from stress and overwhelm about an issue with my boss to one of gratitude and accomplishment after I felt all the feelings!  It’s happening.

– Mandy

“Sold 2 spots in my new group ALREADY!!”

– Val

“This program allowed me to have these breakthrough and i’m grateful for that and for listening to your words Mandy – feel the feelings, don’t analyze them!”

– Rebecca

“I watch many of the mindset videos multiple times per day some days.
I get to structure better self care next. I choose for it to no longer be ignored.
You all inspire me every day friends. I adore each of you so much!!”

– Aimee


Where do I access the content for this program?

All content will be dropped first in the Facebook group - so join as soon as you sign up - you can do that with the link we'll be sending you in an email.  Within 24 hours of the live content being dropped, it will be emailed to you and also placed on the website in your exclusive members-only area, where you can access it forever.

What happens if I miss a live training? Is there a replay?

All trainings are recorded and available forever in the Facebook group under the Videos tab and on the website.

How do I contact your support team?

Reach out to us at support@mandyperry.com.



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