The Art of a Drop Offer - Mandy Perry


This is a one time, at home training that has never been taught before. 




SMARTER precise work = more success & more money.



With no enrollment calls and no fancy BS


Half of the time I don’t even ever make a second post about it as they sell FAST. 


If I do have more spots to sell, I teach you how to do that as well. 


The magic of this skill is NOT what you think.. and developing this skill will also serve you in creating online programs and offers that SELL. It is an amazing asset to your online growth and money making skills… as well as an amazing way to serve your clients. 


But it’s not just that they sell.. That’s great.. But these will be your ABSOLUTE favorite things to then show up and serve for.


Listen, when I dropped my very first drop offer.. I thought wtf can it hurt.
No one will ever know if someone bought this and how sweet would it be if someone did!!


Well, they did.
And I was honestly shocked how easy it was.. I am the queen of easy but this was AMAZING. 



Nothing else but a payment link they got when they claimed the thing. 


I call it a drop offer because that’s what it is. 


We literally just drop it. 


When I teach my clients this, they all freak out thinking >> NO WAY this is going to work.. This is just for you Mandy… it’s just because you already have success Mandy.

When that big payment comes rolling in THAT day.. They realize the thing I ENJOY seeing people awaken to most… EVERYTHING IS LEARNABLEEEEEE


It’s just a skill… but a POWERFUL skill.
I have never publicly taught this, it has been my little secret weapon for the business and I am SUPER excited to show you this. 



And if you already have these things this will be even easier. 




Are you ready for this?!


This is usually only available for my private clients.








Maybe you believe this will only work for other people.. Not you.. And THAT IS EXACTLY what stops others from getting the result. THE BELIEF THAT IT HAS TO BE HARD. 


This skill is easy to learn, can be implemented NOW, and is wildly effective.

What most people are doing is focusing on what they are learning for themselves and trying to recreate trainings for others based on this..



Seeing what everyone else is doing and trying to recreate that voice.

The missing element is knowing how to TRULY serve the person in front of you with the skills and gifts you ALREADY have and THAT is what I am going to teach you to capture.

SO you STOP throwing shit against the wall hoping it sticks.. So you STOP wasting months trying all sorts of random shit and waste all the IMPACT and income you could have had by knowing your own magic.. And knowing how to present it and create MASSIVE IMPACT with your offer. 


So you STOP wasting so much damn time trying, redoing, trying to find the perfect mix between what excites you and what you feel you are really good at.

Just wait until you have this tool in your bag of awesome!! Woohoo!!!


We set our goal and do ONLY what is required to reach this goal.


This is $111 to learn literally the most powerful thing I have ever figured out how to do in my business. I have generated multiple 6 figures with this and I CANNOT WAIT for you to learn this skill!!!


This is usually only available for my private clients.


Mandy xx




 This is a prerecorded self guided at home study program.


 The Workshop and Live Q&A are available in the member area for your instants access.


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