FL World Tour Event - Mandy Perry

I have had an overwhelming number of people from all over the world asking me to share my story of exactly what it is I did to go from a single mom on welfare WITH NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE AT ALL…. to a global company $1.4MM in revenue using FB 3 short years later. (No email list, no networks, no funnels, no ads.. nothing.)

It’s my HONOR to share everything I can in this time together!

This is my very first hosting of the year so I will be adding any updates in the Facebook Group.

The event is $40 just to get an accurate count – there are LIMITED SPOTS (15/20) – the $40 reserves your place.

To reserve your place for on $40  CLICK HERE.

This is a low key get together where I will share what I know, because I know what I do works and if we do it we will keep having massive success!!!

For all the details for the Live Event, go  HERE

Join the HEART ON FIRE free FB group for daily inspiration and updates on the world tour. 

I can’t wait to see you!

Mandy Perry

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