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Love From Clients

I didn’t know who Mandy was at first.

I got an email from her that said “A friend sent us”, would you like to chat? And even though I had never heard of Mandy Perry, something nudged me forward and told me to trust it and jump on the call.

I signed on with her for a whole year, right off the bat!

I went from providing one service only, to feeling empowered to tap into my true potential,  learn more and work from the inside out in order to help serve my clients; incorporating coaching and high level teaching points into my business, shifting my energy around money and attracting a tribe of SOULFUL, BRAVE and BOLD women who are willing to invest in their life because they know that way deep down in the basement of their soul, they were meant to let go of what no longer served them so they could EMBODY who they are at their core and live their BIG, FULL and BEAUTIFUL life going forward!

To date, I have had the most fun (ever) in my business, I’ve traveled to Bali for one of Mandy Perry’s retreats with other badass and soulful women and being a part of her Diamond Mastermind group while sharing successes with other fellow coaches and mentors has been super motivating, creating my own groups and programs and listening to S O U L oh..and I’ve made just over $9,500 since joining Mandy and her team (that’s just a bonus 😉 )

Thank you Mandy Perry + team for reflecting back what I already knew to be true but somehow forgot….#gratefulAF for you everyday!”

– Cindy Danielson, Coach | Elevating Health & Wellness

For the first time ever I am making 6 figures!!!

I just crossed the $100k mark last month! I left my job and am a full time coach. Trust your soul Sista! Mandy’s got your back!

– Catherine Gagnon, Coach | Your Inner Garden


We have gone through major transitions in our family while I’ve been mentoring with Mandy
for my business.

Just recently my husband said to a friend, “She has actually THRIVED through this stressful process (of building her business).”

I have also launched my first group program, doubled my email list, honed my copy, and run my first retreat, convention booths and workshops this year!!! #wholeLifeUpgrade!

– Mary Aldrich, Life Coach | Mary Aldrich Coaching

I hadn’t even had one client yet when I first started with Mandy.

I was scared of coaching because I didn’t feel good enough, that I had enough experience or knowledge (even after my multiple certifications in coaching).
Working with her I went from charging $297, and feeling like that was too much, to launching my first group program and earning $15k.

– Dayan Campbell | Coach

“Since working with Mandy, I’ve been able to bravely and passionately call my clients to a higher level of result because she’s calling me to a higher level of result every damn day!

I used to run talks of up to 5 people but since working with Mandy, managed to get 25 people in the room and loved it!

I’ve busted through the old mindset that I have to hustle but instead I am creating more downtime to serve my needs and this has made me more creative and helped me serve my clients more energetically and passionately.”  #nomoreburnout

– Chloe McCreedy, Coach | Sass Me – Healthy by Design


“The most powerful part of ACA is having Mandy call me out on my B.S. We all can use some tough love to help us get out of our own way. 

If you are not making progress with what you are currently doing then it is absolutely necessary to invest in someone who is achieving what you want and can show you exactly how to get there!”

– Anthony Butto, Coach | Journey Evolution

I’m celebrating my first $20k month!

“Before I started working with Mandy, my biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to make my business work, that I wasn’t good enough to actually create what I wanted. And now my business and life literally have done a 180. I am more in alignment with my mission and impact that I desire to have onthe world.”

– Erin Fritts, Coach | Simplify and Balance Protection Status