Ultimate Freedom Payment - Mandy Perry

An 8-week journey for the UNTOUCHABLE entrepreneur that is ready stop wasting time and create ULTIMATE time and income freedom while LOVING & serving their community NOW.

This is for the entrepreneur that knows there is more.. and is ready to embrace being HAPPY, LIT UP, and high vibe every single day no matter what happens in life.



Full Payment:  $12,000

Save Over $600!




Payment Plan: 

3 monthly payments of $4,222





I am excited to get to know you better!
If you don’t already know me… Hi! Welcome. My name is Mandy Perry, and I am a regular girl who went from being a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week.. to a global business on track for 7 figures in only the 3rd year. Everything I do is SIMPLE and based out of serving my clients. Clients come first in the business, the rest falls into place.


My style is NO BS, no holding back, give you everything I have to give until I am triggered that I am giving too much lol. I give you access to behind the scenes because that’s what I wanted from my own mentors, and it was hard to find.


I will call you out and be your biggest fan. My boundaries are strong and I don’t allow you to waste your precious time on regurgitating what you already know, or what already did or didn’t happen. I laser in on ONE thing and one thing only… what you said you wanted… and if your choices and behaviors back that up – and what needs to shift to make it happen. THEN WE SHIFT IT.


My high-end clients know this as the no fly zone. It’s for the 1% of people who are truly ready to step up and lead the leaders. You and I both see the shenanigans going on and know they need us to lead them. Now we are going to do this in a way where you are CLEAR, FOCUSED, and on fucking point DAILY. Not only that – but you are going to know how to close the deal so that you are being rewarded in a BIG EPIC way for supporting those around you.

“I have made sales offers for both of the programs I am running right now EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY for a week. 

I don’t think I have ever done this before. 

It is such a mindset shift to make the daily offer non-negotiable. It feels amazing.”

– Liana

“I’m allowing myself to step into the space that I kept avoiding. I am also celebrating that I have done a MAJOR shift in my life and I can take that same energy and apply it to my business.

It IS going to come to me is the mindset that I am in even more consistency!

– Sarah

“ Great content here Mandy…I am purposely taking time; ruminating on each and starting to see some evidence of mindset shifts and manifesting abundance flows.

Feeling more sure of myself and ready to take off knowing that I have so much to offer and releasing my own limiting beliefs about self.

– Jackie

“My energy for how I am showing up in life has changed.

One week ago I felt so down I didn’t want to get out of bed and I wanted to quit coaching altogether. I felt physically empty and drained and was beating my self up and stuck in a cycle of fear and worry. Doing this work for the last week has me feeling lighter, calmer, my relationship feels different there is more of a sense of sharing and connection. 

I have my first full paying client. Super excited, my energy is skyrocketing!

Thank you, Mandy Perry and the other wonderful people in this group for doing this work together. YES YES we have this!!!!”

– Nerissa

“I have 70 total new signups to my program and we haven’t even had the whole experience and so many testimonials coming through!!
I am filling up into my own frequency, the words are coming through more clearly and the energy shifts are powerful! 

I feel a lot of bold boss energy sweeping through the BS!”

– Val

“This group experience with Mandy as my coach comes at the perfect time.

To start my practice, I created a Meetup group that has grown from 0 to 168 members in 11 days!
There are 19 RSVPs for my first event!

There is only one direction and that is towards SUCCESS!”

– Silvia


Where do I access the content for this program?

All content will be dropped first in the Facebook group - so join as soon as you sign up - you can do that with the link we'll be sending you in an email.  Within 24 hours of the live content being dropped, it will be emailed to you and also placed on the website in your exclusive members-only area, where you can access it forever.

What happens if I miss a live training? Is there a replay?

All trainings are recorded and available forever in the Facebook group under the Videos tab and on the website.

How do I contact your support team?

Reach out to us at support@mandyperry.com.



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