The Happy and Wealthy Experience - Mandy Perry

“Holy shit, this works!”


“Signed up two clients this week and they rock!!!. I am exercising, been on radio, keeping children alive lol, and having fun and it all being easy, because I chose it that way!! Love you Mandy!”

– Katherine

“I love this group, thank you Mandy Perry for turning up the way you do and pouring your soul and all your learnings into here so that I can really get to where i want to go, where i’m being called to go.”

– Georgia

“I am having massive breakthroughs releasing fears around money!!”

– Danielle

“I think I am finally truly getting it for myself. Finally.”

– Jane

“I got a PAY IN FULL for my current offering & I became a published author yesterday, I’m in a collaborative book with 19 others authors!! Grateful for this course and energy and tribe!”

– Aimee


Weekly Trainings + Q&A


Mandy’s unwavering attention and support in the private FB group


Friends that support you, see you, and celebrate you every day!


A TRIBE of people who SHOW UP, NEVER QUIT, and lock arms to heal the world together.


An EXPERIENCE of full-on support and MASSIVE transformation.

“66 signups half way through and lots of shifts!”

– Val

“I finally hit the publish button on my travel agency website!”

– Isabella

“Super excited, my energy is skyrocketing and you guys were the first people I wanted to share this with. I got a full paid client as well.. Thank you, Mandy Perry and the other wonderful people in this group for doing this work together. YES YES we have this!!!!

– Nerissa

“I’m healing physically and emotionally. Already cracked open!”

– Lisa

“It is such a mindset shift to make the daily offer non-negotiable. It feels amazing!”

– Liana

“I am FINALLY becoming more clear on my coaching!”

– Teo

“This is amazing, Mandy. I am purposely taking time, ruminating on each and starting to see mindset shifts and manifesting abundance flows!”

– Jackie


Get detailed on your commitments & priorities

What you WILL do
What you won’t do
What you are lying to yourself about
Exactly how it will look…
What your “If I want to fk this all up” plan looks like.


Fix the most frustrating behavior or situation in your life.

The energy you REACT to things with is the very energy CREATING the problem itself.
You don’t like a circumstance or condition in your life? Do the work to learn the habit of SHIFTING your energy around it and the situation CHANGES RAPIDLY.


MOST of your problems come from not allowing yourself to FEEL what you actually feel… without judgment. You deny it, suppress it, judge it, ignore it… then you judge yourself for numbing or not showing up…. the solution is to FEEL. PROCES. GIVE IT SPACE. RELEASE. SHOW UP. TRUST THE PROCESS.


You are not responsible for other people’s actions. You can’t change someone. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB to change them or do their work for them. People come and go in our life like seasons and we get to ENJOY & VALUE them while they are in our life. Lovers, friends, clients, family… we hold them as able to manage their own feelings, their own life, and we are free to THRIVE in ours.


You are wildly powerful, and you know it. You like to pretend you don’t know sometimes so you can get away with being messy… but YOU KNOW. You know damn well. These problems you say you have?? — child’s play for you — Stop hanging out with people that let you get away with it, and get in the circles with people who will call your ass out.


You cannot fk this up. I mean…  you really can’t. EVERYTHING gets to be used for your good. Every big failure will teach and season you. Every epic win hones you. Every painful event strengthens you. Every scary moment sharpens you. IT’S ALL FOR YOU. ALL OF IT. The work is the work.


Money is simply a neutral resource, and it flows to people who believe they deserve it.


It’s a very easy fix with MASSIVE rewards. You push the limit… with your beliefs, looks, behavior, language, countenance, energy … ALL THINGS… when you have gone too far and it doesn’t feel aligned… you simply and easily take a step back… and NOW YOU KNOW YOUR LINE. You are free to move the line anytime you like as well.


If it’s meant for you – it will never miss you.
If it missed you… it was never meant for you.


NOTHING THAT IS YOURS CAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. **exhale** You get to rest easy and tune in, feel, release, show up.
You have TIME.
You are exactly where you are meant to be.
Nothing was ever supposed to be any different than it is now.. this was always going to be the journey.


Designate your $ – or else it goes places you don’t want it to!
You will not raise your income until you designate the $ to go somewhere that matters to you. No one cares about $… no one. It’s a resource. What we care about are the lifestyle and options it affords us. Get clear what that is, and you will be much better prepared for success.


Only Love exists. The rest is BS. Fear is an illusion… it’s a made-up feeling in reaction to an unknown future. THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR, unless there is. When the bear is chasing you. it’s ok to be afraid. When your child is standing in the middle of the street with a mac truck coming – it’s ok to be afraid. Unless you are in physical danger- fear is a waste of a lifetime. It’s nothing more than a bad habit – triggered by the limbic system in reaction to survival coding. ONE LITTLE TINY ALMOND in the brain – the amygdala. YOU are far more powerful than a thought.


You are free to be you. You get to do all the things that make you happy – and you are free to change your mind about what those are at ANY TIME.


Everything you do to grow in ONE area – contributes to EVERY AREA. This includes you, MOMS. This means, as you take care of yourself, you become a better mom. As you bring your purpose & healing to the world, you become a better mom. As you heal and feel worthy of financial overflow.. you become a better mom.


You are not broken.
You are not fkd up. You do not need to protect yourself from yourself. You do not need to keep trying to FIX yourself. THIS ISN’T A REAL THING. Your work is to surrender and be with WHAT IS… and you visualize and embody the highest level version of you. WHAT WOULD THE YOU THAT ALREADY HAS THE RESULTS YOU WANT DO RIGHT NOW? DO THAT. This is the fast track to success.


It’s about BECOMING
As you challenge yourself to grow, you become a better human. We don’t put our ass up against the line just for $… we do it to BECOME the person it took to live your true purpose & change the world. You become better, more loving, more generous, more open, more accepting. Living your purpose heals you, making $ heals you, thriving heals you… but it also heals the world.


God will not override your free will. He needs permission to bless you. When you shift into being open to receiving, feeling worthy to receive… the blessings come. Your thoughts are the only thing blocking them. YOU WERE ALWAYS WORTHY OF BLESSINGS.


When you are completely flat… stop pretending it’s because you show up so big -showing up big BRINGS energy to the table consistently (with small recoup periods that are clearly from showing up) Instead check your fundamentals.
Clean foods
Meditation/ journaling/ feeling and processing emotions
Boundaries/things you have changed your mind about
Creative space & Inspiration
Shift what has gotten off track one at a time and enjoy the process of getting back on track.


You are allowed to LEAVE or CHANGE any relationship that isn’t expansive and good… at ANY TIME. You are not trapped or stuck EVER. You are ALWAYS free to change your mind, leave, renegotiate, set boundaries and rules, and do what you need to do to not only feel safe – but to THRIVE. THERE ARE NO RULES. There’s only you, trusting soul and inner guidance. This is between you and God… ignore everyone else. YOU know what’s right for you.


Beauty matters.
We love being in a beautiful environment, and you deserve an environment that contributes to you thriving. It’s also safe to be as beautiful as you want to be… or to feel free to never worry about how you look. It truly is ok to do whatever just feels good for you. You are safe to be as sexy or carefree about your looks as you desire, and you are always free to change your mind about what feel good <3 The work is to release any stories you have been taught about being bad to be sexy – being bad to not be sexy – being bad at all ever. You are not bad, they are just limiting stories based out of fear… just BE you.


You are allowed to take ALL the time you need to heal and grow and thrive. Some months you may need almost no time at all and you are on fire – other months maybe you need the whole damn month just to process and grow through something… HOWEVER, you do still get to thrive through the process. There is no such thing as needing to be messy to grow – needing to fk things up to grow. That is a story… THE PENDULUM SWINGS FORWARD ONLY. Take the time you need, and EXPECT and know you get to be taken care of during this time as well.


YOU THRIVING can never hurt anyone else. It’s not possible. You can’t GOOD ENERGY into hurting people… just like.. hate can never heal. You are safe to be as big and bright as you ever could be… the ONLY thing that happens is complacency gets stirred up… people see a reflection of what is POSSIBLE for them and they get antsy. People do strange things when they get antsy and we are big enough to allow them to be messy as they begin to feel the call on their life. IT IS A GOOD THING… so shine on sister.


Stay close to the people or things that trigger you. Triggered is a gold mine. All that is happening is something in your is trying to emerge… clarity.. healing… expansion… wisdom… experience… don’t be so quick to judge and dismiss… you will simply prolong the lesson.


TRUST YOURSELF. If it feels bad – it is. It’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them.. this is not one to err on the side of being nice. If your gut says NO, it’s a NO. If gut says yes… it’s a yes. If you feel a red flag about someone’s behavior- NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE… trust yourself. Be present with the feeling and listen. Learn what it is teaching you and don’t be afraid for one second to back yourself. You are safe to outgrow the cultural BS of ignoring your body to be compliant. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE COMPLIANT with anything but your body and soul.


You are worthy to have boundaries with your TIME, MONEY, EMOTIONS, WORDS, SPACE, ENVIRONMENT, FEELINGS… who is allowed in your space, who isn’t.
Who gets to speak into your life, who doesn’t.
Who you explain yourself to.
Whose opinion matters.. whose DOESN’T.
What you will do for people… what you hold them as able to do for themselves.
What rules you follow – what ones you dismiss.
YOUR BODY IS THE JUDGE. When the body says, no that is too much… IT IS TOO MUCH. When the body says – enough isolating – say yes and go… GO. When the body says – I need quiet – CREATE quiet. When the body says rest… REST. When the body says push harder! PUSH HARDER! We are obedient to soul… body will always guide us. (It’s so much smarter than us lol)


What you focus on expands. If you ignore money… money will ignore you.. if you ignore time… time will fly by. If a woman hyper focuses on her bf cheating on her… he inevitably gets sick of it and leaves.. which proves to her she’s unworthy and men suck… or he cheats… proving men suck and she’s unworthy. But the same is true in reverse… if a woman pays no attention to her relationship.. he will leave and she will feel the same. Focus on what you LOVE about him, and that will grow.
Allow yourself to let $ be a focus and your income will grow. Allow yourself to pay attention to where your time goes and you will have more time for the things you love WHILE thriving.
Focus on all the LOVE in the world, and LOVE will grow in your environment.
Focus on all the AMAZING things that keep happening, and more amazing things will keep happening.
Focus on how EASY your business is and all the EPIC results you keep getting are, and you will EXPAND epic results.
Focus on how hard it all is, and how scary it is.. and how you don’t know what to do.. and you will EXPAND that.


If you desire to travel… it is in integrity to travel. If you desire to frolic the world.. it is OUT OF integrity to NOT travel. Your soul needs what it needs to thrive.. and it’s different for everyone. If yours longs to travel, and you don’t because of some arbitrary rule… some guilt feelings or some story about wasting $ or time… you will suffer.



This is just us getting warmed up



I am excited to get to know you better!
If you don’t already know me… Hi! Welcome. My name is Mandy Perry, and I am a regular girl who went from being a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week.. to a global business on track for 7 figures in only the 3rd year. Everything I do is SIMPLE and based out of serving my clients. Clients come first in the business, the rest falls into place.


My style is NO BS, no holding back, give you everything I have to give until I am triggered that I am giving too much lol. I give you access to behind the scenes because that’s what I wanted from my own mentors, and it was hard to find.


I will call you out and be your biggest fan. My boundaries are strong and I don’t allow you to waste your precious time on regurgitating what you already know, or what already did or didn’t happen. I laser in on ONE thing and one thing only… what you said you wanted… and if your choices and behaviors back that up – and what needs to shift to make it happen. THEN WE SHIFT IT.


My high-end clients know this as the no-fly zone. It’s for the 1% of people who are truly ready to step up and lead the leaders. You and I both see the shenanigans going on and know they need us to lead them. Now we are going to do this in a way where you are CLEAR, FOCUSED, and on fucking point DAILY. Not only that – but you are going to know how to close the deal so that you are being rewarded in a BIG EPIC way for supporting those around you.


“I’m doing the work which is a major win for me! Seeing difficult situations much more clearly. Definitely feeling ok/good/excited about being a millionaire woohoo!”

– Georgia

“Today I wrote my first small blog post with CTA!”

– Taylor

“I’m practicing some major taking myself and my biz seriously boundaries. I’m doing it! I’m growing my capacity daily!”

– Janet

“I REALIZED: I will work until the goal is accomplished! 
I am UNAVAILABLE for: Doubts.
My NEW STANDARD: There is no stopping me now!
I REALIZED and WILL NEVER FORGET: fear likes obscurity and I will design, not react.
I have been CHOOSING to play small and procrastinate.
Thank you Mandy!”

– Silvia

“After yesterday’s work I realize I have aligned back to my true nature around my work in general. I became a writer because I was that person inside. I love helping other people express themselves and see what’s possible. I feel like I’ve really returned that place by working with the fear energy around business and money in general.

I have also decided that I know it’s going to work, I am successful and I know it. And I am unavailable for any other outcome. Officially.. This is a MASSIVE shift!!”

– Danielle

“Got a paid client after a 2 year dry spell! Successful session. Joined MP coaching!”

– Lisa

“I shifted my energy from stress and overwhelm about an issue with my boss to one of gratitude and accomplishment after I felt all the feelings!  It’s happening.

– Mandy

“Sold 2 spots in my new group ALREADY!!”

– Val

“This program allowed me to have these breakthrough and i’m grateful for that and for listening to your words Mandy – feel the feelings, don’t analyze them!”

– Rebecca

“I watch many of the mindset videos multiple times per day some days.
I get to structure better self care next. I choose for it to no longer be ignored.
You all inspire me every day friends. I adore each of you so much!!”

– Aimee

Full Pay – $10,000

Save nearly $2,000! 


Payment Plan: 

12 monthly payments of $997




Where do I access the content for this program?

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What happens if I miss a live training? Is there a replay?

All trainings are recorded and available forever in the Facebook group under the Videos tab and on the website.

How do I contact your support team?

Reach out to us at Protection Status