For the badass ready to LEAD the LEADERS, own their power, unleash their true voice, rise to the top in their field, and scale to 7 figure numbers NOW.


Feeling chaotic, know if you just had a daily system that was hand designed for you to scale your whole life with EASE you would conquer the world?


Frustrated that you’re not DOMINATING your field?


Afraid of too much attention?


Nervous about the kind of success you know you are capable of?


Know damn well you are holding your true voice back?


Ready to scale to Millionaire figures and have TONS of fun doing it?


BEYOND done with feeling like you aren’t disciplined and lit the fk up daily about your business and life?


Done with enrollment calls and lowering your pricing. Ready to command high end with EASE?


Ready to be the top name in your field?


Ready for A-Player badass clients to be on your wait list?




You know you show up huge, you know you are capable of being the leader in your field, and you have some success to back it up.


People were surprised that you could accomplish as much as you have, but you know you are just getting started. This is just the beginning… and you are a bit weary of supporting people who aren’t fully invested.


You’re ready to LEAD the LEADERS.


You are ready to have people in front of you that can MAXIMIZE all of your gifts and support into EPIC results!


You’re ready to own your domain, but just need to clear the BS & a clear concise system for your business that you KNOW will get results that INCLUDE up-leveling all areas of your life that you want to see evolve because you want all of the things as you do this.



5 weeks of all access to Mandy’s mindset and strategies to become the best.


I am literally going to show you my EXACT daily process to running and scaling Mandy Perry Inc – that hit half million in JUST 2 YEARS and is on track for 1 Million this year. (Just 3 years in! That is unheard of…)


You are going to be THRILLED when you see how easy I make it.


As a single mother of two & the CEO of Mandy Perry Inc – a global business – I had no choice but to make this easy and doable – while still fulfilling my DEEP FIRE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.


No one thought I could do it, yet here I am… and I am guessing you have that same DRIVE and are DONE with not getting the results in a way that feels CLEAR and EXCITING.

is worth $50k all day long as once you learn to do this you will feel powerful, strengthen your discipline and habits, and SCALE your entire life and you lead the leaders and own your space.


(Think about that, what would it be worth to have consistent high end clients and a system to guarantee you reach your goals and create your true dream life WHILE you also train your mind and body to become the person it took to create it? – ya… it’s priceless)


But I am making this SUPER accessible, because I love you and I am crushing (now that I have these skills and systems) life so I can.



You are ready to OWN YOUR SPACE – be the go to leader in your field, and command HIGH END pricing. Ready to receive massive attention and being SAVVY at handling it all.


You are ready to wake up and have a system to scale your business that feels exciting, clear, and easy – and GETS EPIC RESULTS NOW


You are ready to up level every area of your life WITH the $ results and truly feel FREE & LIT THE FK UP DAILY! Truly having a sense of LIFE being how you want it WHILE you scale the business.


You are ready to scale from 6 or multi 6 figures →  7 figure numbers.


You are done wasting time with lack of clarity on exactly how to get it done.


You want to scale all areas of your life as you do business and not let the business take over your life.


You know you are holding back and are ready to feel safe having it all, being it all, and having massive success.


You are ready to have badass LEADERS as your clients




5 BADASS high end trainings in the FB group
(everything is recorded for you and put into a membership that you have lifetime access to)


Access to Mandy & team in private FB group for all questions, follow ups and tracking.


1 – How to own your voice in an authentic way that converts to sales and rising to the top of your field.  

I am going to teach you how to be bold and authentic, call your audience to more in a way that is safe and loving. It’s a powerful move that has brought massive success to my business in a completely organic way. No ads, no salesy bs.


2 – How to feel safe and be ready ( and I do mean an actual organized system) to be ready to SCALE & HIRE rapidly.

I am going to show you how you can know you are on track for your big goals, how to measure and track your growth, and use all that momentum to DRIVE you into the next level – over and over in an accelerated way. What I have done IS recreatable and I will show you exactly how.


3 – Breakdown of how i sold $81k in 4 days, how my 1:1 packages always sell out within MINUTES (at $45k) of posting, & how to hit Millionaire Numbers.


I am going to show you how to recreate this and WHY it works. THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER THAN YOU THINK. I am going to show you how to shift your business to this NOW.  It’s not what you think, which is why you haven’t made it happen yet.


4 – How to sell HIGH END directly from a sales page with NO enrollment. I’ve done this myself up to $30k directly from a sales page EVEN TO COLD LEADS. (with no ads, 100% organic)

I am going to GIVE YOU the format to use (for sales page & the actual program), all of the sales tips I know and how to get it done with ease.  This is the same skill you will use for your marketing. You will see when we cover this!


5 –  How to actually dominate your field, call in the LEADERS and become the leader to the leaders. This is a decision you make, it is not a time needs to pass thing. I am going to kick your ass off the cliff into LEADING THE LEADERS land and you will swim.. Because this is who you are. You’re a mother fkg swimmer, and you have been knowing you need a swift kick in the arse <3  

“I didn’t know who Mandy was at first.

I got an email from her that said “A friend sent us”, would you like to chat? And even though I had never heard of Mandy Perry, something nudged me forward and told me to trust it and jump on the call.

I didn’t know what she did, who she was or what we were going to talk about until halfway through the the call I realized that she would be helping me with my business…a business coach? EPIC because I had recently put it out into the Universe for some help in my business! (Thank you soul)

I signed on with her for a whole year, right off the bat!

I went from providing one service only, to feeling empowered to tap into my true potential,  learn more and work from the inside out in order to help serve my clients; incorporating coaching and high level teaching points into my business, shifting my energy around money and attracting a tribe of SOULFUL, BRAVE and BOLD women who are willing to invest in their life because they know that way deep down in the basement of their soul, they were meant to let go of what no longer served them so they could EMBODY who they are at their core and live their BIG, FULL and BEAUTIFUL life going forward!

To date, I have had the most fun (ever) in my business, I’ve traveled to Bali for one of Mandy Perry’s retreats with other badass and soulful women and being a part of her Diamond Mastermind group while sharing successes with other fellow coaches and mentors has been super motivating, creating my own groups and programs and listening to S O U L oh..and I’ve made just over $9,500 since joining Mandy and her team (that’s just a bonus 😉 )

Thank you Mandy Perry + team for reflecting back what I already knew to be true but somehow forgot….#gratefulAF for you everyday!”

Cindy Danielson

Coach, Elevating Health and Wellness

I’m celebrating my first $20k month!

“Before I started working with Mandy, my biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to make my business work, that I wasn’t good enough to actually create what I wanted. And now my business and life literally have done a 180. I am more in alignment with my mission and impact that I desire to have on the world.”

Erin Fritts

Coach, Simplify and Balance

Bonus 1:  Creating a Sales Page on Your Website – Wordpress & Squarespace

Bonus 2:  How to Write Sales Pages That Sell

Bonus 3:  Finding Fonts & Installing in Canva

Bonus 4:  Creating an Epic Facebook Header Graphic in Canva

Bonus 5:  Upgrade Your IG Stories

Bonus 6:  Screen Recording on a Mac

Bonus 7:  How to Capture High-End Testimonials

Bonus 8:  Managing Money for the Entrepreneur on the Rise

Bonus 9:  Webinars That Sell

Bonus 10:  How to Deal with $$ Objections



Bonus 11:  Mandy’s Favorite Things – A list of incredible biz & personal resources & products 


I am excited to get to know you better!
If you don’t already know me… Hi! Welcome. My name is Mandy Perry, and I am a regular girl who went from being a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week.. to a global business on track for 7 figures in only the 3rd year. Everything I do is SIMPLE and based out of serving my clients. Clients come first in the business, the rest falls into place.


My style is NO BS, no holding back, give you everything I have to give until I am triggered that I am giving too much lol. I give you access to behind the scenes because that’s what I wanted from my own mentors, and it was hard to find.


I will call you out and be your biggest fan. My boundaries are strong and I don’t allow you to waste your precious time on regurgitating what you already know, or what already did or didn’t happen. I laser in on ONE thing and one thing only… what you said you wanted… and if your choices and behaviors back that up – and what needs to shift to make it happen. THEN WE SHIFT IT.


My high-end clients know this as the no fly zone. It’s for the 1% of people who are truly ready to step up and lead the leaders. You and I both see the shenanigans going on and know they need us to lead them. Now we are going to do this in a way where you are CLEAR, FOCUSED, and on fucking point DAILY. Not only that – but you are going to know how to close the deal so that you are being rewarded in a BIG EPIC way for supporting those around you.

to truly own your position as the LEADER and change the world? 


Love you!
– Mandy

“This program is great for when you get stuck thinking you can do it alone and gives you an honest peek into the work required to listen to your soul until you get the result with the support of Mandy and the others that are in the same boat. Instant relief!”

Laura Pickens

Wellness Coach


Where do I access the content for this program?

All content will be dropped first in the Facebook group - so join as soon as you sign up - you can do that with the link we'll be sending you in an email.  Within 24 hours of the live content being dropped, it will be placed on the website in your exclusive members-only area, where you can access it forever.

What happens if I miss a live training? Is there a replay?

All trainings are recorded and available forever in the Facebook group under the Videos tab and on the website.

How do I contact your support team?

Reach out to us at Protection Status