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Weekly Q&A LIVE

Held in the private FB group for Diamonds and VIP’s only. All questions answered, everyone gets what they need.


Monthly LIVE Group Coaching

This is a rare opportunity to watch me coach live and rapidly absorb the skills of high end coaching, as well as get coached yourself. This is where we BOND & BECOME LIFELONG FRIENDS.


Access to ALL Online Programs Run

Yes! You really do get access to every single program I run online! No exceptions. This includes the $10,000+ programs. You are my honored guest in every program I run.


Private Back-end Insights

In the private FB group, I will be sharing insights to my business and life. How I create such rapid success and keep it all SO SIMPLE!

* For 2020 this will include sharing with you everything I learn from my $130k investment touring the world with Tony Robbins in his private Mastermind, and all I learn from the Platinum partners in the program.


2 LIVE EVENTS per year

We play together, we work hard together, celebrate, encourage, track with each other and most importantly… we RISE TOGETHER.


Private FB group

A private place to share wins, ask your questions and do life together. This is for the Diamonds and VIP’s only.


Are you ready?


My commitment to you is that I will give you 100%. I will give you everything I have and then I will give more. What I ask in return is that you give the same. This is going to be a life altering experience and I am beyond excited to do this with you!!



Mandy Perry, I did it! I evolved into the person who could touch the hearts and lives of others by being of high service to humanity. In return, the Universe allowed $20,929 into my experience in this month. I appreciate you as a guide on my journey. 

Amiee Boswinkle

Connections Restored

I made $18k in the first 6 weeks working with Mandy. I left my job as an NP and by the end of the program, I was making $24k being a full-time coach!

Catherine Gagnon

Your Inner Garden Health Coach

In one month working with Mandy I went from ~$6k a month in my job and business to $30K! $31,480.60 to be exact!

Rebecca Branham

MODAVate Health & Wellness Coaching



Access to all programs run for the year.
Weekly Q&A in private Facebook group.
Monthly Zoom calls for live coaching. 
* This is a 12 month commitment *


Diamond access plus weekly 20 min calls and private Voxer access.


Diamond access plus weekly 45 min calls and private Voxer access



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Remember, It was ALWAYS YOU.

Love you
Mandy xx




Q: How frequently does this course run?
** This course is ran quarterly.


Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program? 

** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you.

** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students. Protection Status


By the end of this masterclass you will see what 97% of those trying to build success online do not see. This is going to blow your mind. I will see you there!

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