…and if you could just get your stuff together you would have the bank account and impact on this world to reflect it.

You think quick, you learn fast, and you CARE.

You’ve been through it all and you want it all to add up to something.

You know the people around you don’t really get what you are capable of.. and if someone would just show you how & keep yourself in check – you know you’d master it.



You are the top 1% WORLD SHAKER
(even though some days you just feel like a wild tsunami spreading across the South Pacific)

Others aren’t like you.

Others don’t have that endless drive for MORE.

Others aren’t worried about the IMPACT they leave on this world


You are BIG and you own it.


You forget sometimes, you get down sometimes, you get burned out sometimes… and then the drive inside of you brings you right back to ON FIRE… every time.

That’s just what it is.




You know you are wild and will never be tamed.

You know you have passion that will bring a crowd to tears & will inspire massive change.

You are a best-selling author. A lap-top style leader.

 You are a tycoon.


You know you have more power in the tip of your tongue than most have in their whole body.


Others seem a bit apathetic and you genuinely wonder why they don’t want more – why they don’t care about learning and understanding all the things you learn.

So – you are the PERMISSION GIVER – you teach the world how to own their power by OWNING YOURS.


You are a World Changer.

You are a New Thought Leader.

You are the Multi-Million Dollar business woman.


You are the one in a million that out-worked, out-believed, out-ran the rest who are still spinning the same excuses and waiting for the right time to make the leap to put both feet in this WILD RIDE.

You were the one smart enough to get support & surround yourself by like-minded women all showing up as big as you.

Here you are.



You got yourself all the way here… so that you had the courage & wisdom to get yourself to the next level.



Welcome to the family.

A membership for the Unleashed Entrepreneur that is ALL IN.


*Instant access* to 5 training videos that were created for my private clients only –
waiting for you in the membership site!


Video 1 – How to Feel Better – Right Now
Video 2 – How to Think Like a 6/7-Figure Entrepreneur
Video 3 – Playing it SAFE in Your Business
Video 4 – How to be BRAVE, and get going or level up in your coaching business!
Video 5 –  How to reach your $ Goals



*Weekly content dropped by Mandy and team on everything we do to build and run the biz

Insights into her business, strategy, mindset & Life… kicking your ass into gear (How Mandy went from 0-half million within 2 years) & powerful meditations

NLP, Relationship, Enrollment and bad-ass encouragement and support

Content from our VA & Team on business building strategies & Tech

Monthly Q&A’s answered with Mandy

…and more!





*Private FB group for celebrations – encouragement- and ANYTHING GOES TALK

No rules, no BS, nothing is too little or too big.

This is a JUDGEMENT FREE, WHOLLY OURSELVES environment of THRIVING and getting stuff DONE zone.



This is worth well over $10k for a year!
You cannot get access to material from my team and I for less than $6k, until now!!

“Oh my gosh, what are you waiting for??
When are you going to say YES to your dreams, desires, and to taking action to change your life??
You can do this!! We are seriously already killing it, it’s contagious and you already know that this was meant for you. “

Amanda Hosier

Health Coach & Holistic Health Educator

This is the stepping stone you’ve been looking for!
Mandy is fully engaged, supportive, and gives the stretch needed to go to the next level. To me the decision was a no-brainer … it’s time to accelerate my business (and myself).
Mandy was the only choice for me!

Tracy Hansen

Health & Lifestyle Coach

The change you will begin to feel in just the first day… the support that you will have and encouragement to be yourself…. far out weighs any fear you have holding you back!!!

You will not regret joining… you’ll only kick yourself later for not doing it!!!

Nicole Smith

Health and Life Coach / Founder, Navigate Your Freedom

“The Millionaire Mind is priceless!! Mandy says things that I haven’t heard others say. She goes deeper and is so real and authentic.

This membership is helping me to change my life and walk into my power and KNOW that it’s happening. I’m really doing this and am worthy of helping to heal the world and show up!!

The value of this membership is astounding!! I can’t believe the awesome quality for the price!! I’m so happy!! ♥️♥️

Amy Martin Gray

Loil to My Oils - The Essential Oil Expert

“Mandy is my coach of choice and I completely trust her to guide me onward and upward!

Full-time health coaching seemed long and unclear. With her amazing laser-focused questions and intuitive coaching, she stretched me to reveal my heart’s true message, gain a deeper perspective of what I can offer and honor what that is worth!!

It is a powerful experience that fueled my confidence!”

Heather Blackman

This program has given me more clarity than everything I’ve done for the YEAR AND A HALF of serious, gut-wrenching soul searching!

This value is totally priceless! I came face-to-face with stuff that has kept me stuck and small for years. I knew what they were before, but I didn’t quite know exactly how to make the shift to break the ties until now.

I am so grateful! I’m finally cutting through the all the BS, turning on my shine and power full blast again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mandy!! There are not enough words to describe how appreciative I am for you showing up for us and bringing this content forward

Mandy Valpey





$1,997 PER YEAR

This program was not only an incredible value financially, but it was so powerful to see my own stuff that has kept me stuck!

I will continue to invest in these groups, as well as the higher investments with Mandy. Thank you so much!! This is amazing work!!”

Sarah van der Steur

I just wanted to say Thank You! This was EXACTLY what I needed to get myself going and give me the kick in the butt I needed!

After years of following other coaches, I have never truly felt as capable as I do now! It was so good. So thank you for this program and also for making it so accessible for so  many people!!”

Brittany Derho

Heart of Fashion Co.


Amanda Frances  Is this a monthly or annual obligation? 

This is a monthly, ongoing program.  You may cancel at any time.  

Amanda Frances  Where do I access the content for the Millionaire Mind Membership?

The trainings, bonuses and program documents will always be available in the Membership Area of this site - the Membership Dashboard page is located here.  
There are also ongoing discussions and conversations happening all the time in our exclusive, private Facebook group - join us here.

Amanda Frances  What happens if I miss a live training? Is there a replay?

All trainings are recorded and available forever in the Membership Area of this site.*

Amanda Frances  I never received my login details via email, or I need to have them sent to me again, please!

Contact our team at support@mandyperry.com - we'll be glad to help!

Amanda Frances  How do I contact your support team for questions? 

Reach out to us at support@mandyperry.com.

How do I cancel my membership?

  1. Log into Paypal
  2. Go to your Profile Settings 
  3. Look for "Recurring Payments"
  4. Locate the Money Making Facebook Live payment agreement & click "cancel"


That's it!  

* All membership content is available as long as you maintain your membership payments.  Once you cancel, your access to the membership content is terminated.   


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.

** Payment is for access to membership site – you may cancel at any time, but once you cancel, the access to the site ends. So long as you remain active the membership site access is active. This is an automated process for your convenience.

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