The... How to Make A Lot More Money Right Now... Workshop - Mandy Perry

The… How to Make A Lot More Money Right Now… Workshop

I’m going to take you through my exact process… never seen before… eee!!!

I’m going to ask you to dare to believe that this gets to be a LOT easier… like… a LOT

All this thinking, analyzing, and back and forth is got you believing it’s confusing and so, very hard. 
But it’s not. 

Does it feel scary AF to step into the wild unknown? Yes.

Does it feel like everything will fall apart if we stop doing that frantic 80% action? Yes. 

Does it feel like it’s all too good to be true for us to be able to follow the things that light our soul on fire and bring us intense joy? Yes. 

It does. And in this way it can feel “hard”. 
But this isn’t “hard” to figure out. 
This is how to handle emotions.

Once we have bypassed the Ego, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! This is what I am going to show you how to do. 

This IS going to blow your mind and change your revenue. Period. 

I’ve got you.
I’m asking you to dare to hope that this can be WAY easier and WAY more effective! 

I love you.
mandy xx 


LIVE workshop with Q&A time this Thursday, Oct 22 @6pm EST
Replay will be sent to those who purchase. 

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you don’t feel this is worth 10x the value of the $97 just PM me and I will refund you personally.  No catch. 

This is how I have always been able to make a LOT of money, even when I had no clue what I was doing. 

Even when I was super crazy busy, moving across the country, getting divorced, going through my own deep healing.. 


This is HOW to let it be easy, tap into your friggin genius and make the money NOW.
This is what I’m known for.

I make it SIMPLE and it WORKS.

  • How to get out of your head and actually allow your brilliance through 
  • How to ALWAYS have a way to make $
  • How to get in the energy that sells like wildfire 
  • How to come up with the ideas that SELL. 
  • How to know which ideas to act on. 
  • How to get the ideas flowing 
  • How to make it all SO VERY EASY
  • How to do this on repeat and 10x your income
  • How to have way more fun, flow and ease in your business. 



Email if you have any questions. Protection Status