This is a program for the go-getter entrepreneurs that are ready to go hard when everyone else is easing off the gas pedal.. and enjoy your holidays with a profound sense of accomplishment.

Transform your mindset.


Accelerate your results.


Maximize your time & results.


Be in the top of your field.


Create impact and income by truly being you.

If you are being really honest, you’re not creating your business from a sense of:

“I’m here to change the WORLD.”…


A live 9-week program for unstoppable, heart-centered entrepreneurs like us, who are ready to change the damn world by waking up each day DOING WHATEVER is required to FEEL good and BE confident enough to face the day and take BOLD, BRAVE action.

This is the time that will set you apart from your peers, and even from the old you.


Join me and I guarantee your beliefs about what is possible for you and your business will be completely transformed.



 You’re not maximizing your gifts because you feel fear & overwhelm often


 You are not taking brave bold moves in your business because you need to make sure the bills get paid and you need PROOF it will work first..


 You are not allowing your deepest message truth to be heard because too many people have taught you too many things – not sure what your deepest message is


 You’re spending more time consuming that you are creating


 You’re charging 1/4 of what you’re worth because you’re terrified you’ll fail or take advantage of them


 You aren’t consistently helping your audience overcome their fears in order to be able to break through and join you – and then sell to them DAILY because you don’t want to come off SALES-Y


 Your current habits, levels of faith, and bravery aren’t going to get you to a million dollar business.





It’s time to retain your system to THRIVE. It’s time to own your role as the thought leader in the generation. It’s time to shift the old ways of FEELING, BELIEVING, and showing up. AND IT’S TIME to make power moves to back yourself up.


Ready to live in a way you are next level proud of?


Ready to impact thousands of lives?


Ready to build your confidence and charge what you are truly worth; even if you get paid HIGHLY for something that comes easily to you?


Ready to FEEL the rewards from maximizing your time?


Ready to accelerating your results with top strategies?


Ready to truly BE YOU and experience your fullest potential?


Are you ready to change the WORLD?

I didn’t know who Mandy was at first.

I got an email from her that said “A friend sent us”, would you like to chat? And even though I had never heard of Mandy Perry, something nudged me forward and told me to trust it and jump on the call.

I didn’t know what she did, who she was or what we were going to talk about until halfway through the the call I realized that she would be helping me with my business…a business coach? EPIC because I had recently put it out into the Universe for some help in my business! (Thank you soul)

I signed on with her for a whole year, right off the bat!

I went from providing one service only, to feeling empowered to tap into my true potential,  learn more and work from the inside out in order to help serve my clients; incorporating coaching and high level teaching points into my business, shifting my energy around money and attracting a tribe of SOULFUL, BRAVE and BOLD women who are willing to invest in their life because they know that way deep down in the basement of their soul, they were meant to let go of what no longer served them so they could EMBODY who they are at their core and live their BIG, FULL and BEAUTIFUL life going forward!

To date, I have had the most fun (ever) in my business, I’ve traveled to Bali for one of Mandy Perry’s retreats with other badass and soulful women and being a part of her Diamond Mastermind group while sharing successes with other fellow coaches and mentors has been super motivating, creating my own groups and programs and listening to S O U L oh..and I’ve made just over $9,500 since joining Mandy and her team (that’s just a bonus 😉 )

Thank you Mandy Perry + team for reflecting back what I already knew to be true but somehow forgot….#gratefulAF for you everyday!

Cindy Danielson

Coach, Elevating Health and Wellness

For the first time ever I am making 6 figures!!!

I just crossed the $100k mark last month! I left my job and am a full time coach. Trust your soul Sista! Mandy’s got your back!

Catherine Gagnon

Coach, Your Inner Garden

Week 1 – How to be BRAVE enough to impact the world. How to have faith when it seems like it’s not going to work. Once we have set up the RELENTLESS FAITH mindset – we take ACTION. How to utilize HOLIDAYS to double your income and 10x your life.


Week 2 – Success habits. THIS IS EVERYTHING-  I will break down my daily habits that have created a business that is on track to hit a million in my 3rd year. (virtually unheard of)


Week 3 – High vibe attraction: How to speak to your clients in a way that lights them up, and gets their attention so they book with you.

How to sell daily in a loving way that feels good. When you are on fire and lit up about what you are doing, people want to be close to you and “have what you’re having”


Week 4 – Calling their ass to more: How to handle objections, and how to use objections in your marketing to help your potential clients join. Since you are now doing the work to raise your faith, show up brave and take bold action in your life… you can call them to it as well. This week I show you how to overcome your fear, and then help them overcome theirs in powerful marketing.


Week 5 – Unstoppable OFFERS: Coaching heals you… As we go through this process you will watch your momentum grow. This enables you to create consistently and always have an offer for your clients. You have a message for the world, you have intuitive prompts and ideas. This is s journey of learning to , and being ready to take instant action on them.

Understand the value ladder of offers, and know which ones are right for you right now. I KEEP THIS EASY & FUN. How to roll clients from one program to the next and always have an offer rotating.


Week 6 – IMPLEMENTATION AND BRAVE ACTION WEEK – Catch up on everything to be ready to UP-LEVEL your entire business next week. Bring any questions you have to the LIVE Q&A this week.


Week 7– Own that you are the BOSS & bring your confidence to a whole new level.

This week we will map out your year – learn how I schedule out my entire business in a way that is simple, organized and easy to change. Wait until you see all the extra time you have when you do this.


Week 8 – RAISE YOUR PRICES. You are safe to thrive, to be wealthy and to change the world. Finally feel free to charge your true worth. How to be the HIGH END COACH. This is something I am an expert at teaching. You will feel in integrity and the sky is the limit for your income growth.


Week 9 – Up-level your client experience. How to create a beautiful sales page & emails that makes your clients feel loved and supported, and makes the sales.

How to charge high end pricing without sales calls.
Strategies for direct sale.
How to rotate the page/ offer easily


This is absolutely one of the most powerful programs ever!! Mandy helped me to break through the patterns I didn’t even realize i had about money and wealth to get to the other side! I’m so very excited that we implement what we learn as we go, in the workbook provided!! If you do the work, you certainly will have major breakthroughs!! You won’t be able to wait to get out there and make that money!! Mandy is such an amazing and powerful encourager and communicator! She makes things easy to understand and also knows how to call your ass to more in a concise yet loving way!! This program is phenomenal!!

Amy Martin Gray


Mandy is my coach of choice and I completely trust her to guide me onward and upward!

Full-time health coaching seemed long and unclear. With her amazing laser-focused questions and intuitive coaching, she stretched me to reveal my heart’s true message, gain a deeper perspective of what I can offer and honor what that is worth!!

It is a powerful experience that fueled my confidence!

Heather Blackman




Get crystal clear who your ideal client is as you up level and outgrow older versions.



A literal breakdown of the things I spent my time and energy on, and how I earned this much right out of the gate.



Powerful morning and evening meditations.
Train your subconscious to work with you with these daily reminders of what is possible for you and what is TRUE.



Money management for an entrepreneur on the rise.
I break down everything you need to know about how to move your money, how much for taxes, my favorite credit cards to use etc.






How to “be everywhere” on social media. My step by step strategy to utilizing ONE piece of content for FB personal,FB biz page, IG, YouTube & iTunes.

You haven’t been listening to your intuition. Your soul says HELL YES, and you say.. BUT WHAT IF…


Stop listening to all the people around you. None of them have built a successful online business following their purpose and passions.


You keep telling yourself you should just figure it out yourself.


This is because you don’t trust yourself to show up and make an investment worth it. You’re afraid that you might be “biting off more than you can chew”, and you are focusing in that rather than doing the work to shift your mindset onto what is possible for you, and deciding you WILL DO IT UNTIL you get the result.

You send your time trying to learn and do strategies while you lack confidence and consistency. This is the real work.


You think it will magically happen


You get the oils, crystals, books upon books, every free training there is… you meditate, journal (sometimes), and post up mantras around your house.

You think and think about what to do next, what else to fix, how this is all going to work.. and don’t DO WHAT’S REQUIRED.


You’re doing a bunch of things your business doesn’t require you to do.. so that you can feel like you are busy and working towards epic results.


– Instead of raising your prices, you launch twice as many programs.

– Instead of creating your OWN material from your own VOICE… you follow everyone else and compare ourself and try to be them.

– Instead of creating that epic program you change your website 12 times, make videos look like you’re as successful as you want to be, only say things when you feel like it’s as good as Susy Q’s, make 3 logos, and change your schedule daily….


Stuck in Negative Nancy mode


– You think everyone who sells is innately bad and just wants your money and are convinced others will feel the same about you.

– You focus on the “no’s” you get

– You day-dream about failing, looking stupid, being broke, having to go back to your job or never leaving, and definitely how it seems everyone else seems to get this except you.


Lack confidence


You’re convinced you just need to learn one more thing, get one more certification, get one more result before you can be the expert. You are terrified someone will realize you’re a fraud.


You are afraid to be JUDGED for being the real you.


You think you have to be bigger, louder, more professional, more BOSSLADY. You wonder what your partner will think if you are helping others when you feel like a mess yourself.

So you hold back, which further proves you are unworthy… so then you stay in your SOUL SUCKING 9-5 waiting for proof – or you keep playing the “keep my prices low” game.

After all Mandy – if they wont even join at this price, why would they join at a higher price? (I answer this)


If you have been waiting for someone to give you permission – HERE IT IS.


You are worthy.

It’s SAFE to trust your soul (it’s so much smarter than you!)

The way you currently think has brought you to where you are now.

Congratulations on making it this far!!
I mean it.

Most of the world will never end up in a page like this and join a group like this. You are the 10% of the population.

It is something worth celebrating.

Most people begin to fizzle out in their business as we go through the holidays and then enter into the next year in a deficit.


We are going to all-in support you over these 9 weeks to 10x your life and business and make 2019 the best year ever.

November 26th – January 14th

This program has given me more clarity than everything I’ve done for the YEAR AND A HALF of serious, gut-wrenching soul searching!

This value is totally priceless! I came face-to-face with stuff that has kept me stuck and small for years. I knew what they were before, but I didn’t quite know exactly how to make the shift to break the ties until now.

I am so grateful! I’m finally cutting through the all the BS, turning on my shine and power full blast again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mandy!! There are not enough words to describe how appreciative I am for you showing up for us and bringing this content forward.

Mandy Valpey


This program was not only an incredible value financially, but it was so powerful to see my own stuff that has kept me stuck!

I will continue to invest in these groups, as well as the higher investments with Mandy. Thank you so much!! This is amazing work!!

Sarah van der Steur


After years of following other coaches, I have never truly felt as capable as I do now after working with Mandy! It was so good. So thank you for this program and also for making it so accessible for so  many people!!

Brittany Derho

Owner, Heart of Fashion

What an incredible, valuable, transformative program. In just a few days, I had more mindset and energy shifts than I’ve had (ever). I learned and saw things revealed to me that prompted massive change in how I show up, think of and speak about my business. Abundance is available to me now, not in ‘a few months and years’. I will be launching my first ever webinar in a couple weeks which I know will be wildly successful because that is the only thing I’m available for now, thanks to Mandy. This level of training is a gift not just to entrepreneurs and business owners – but any walking and breathing human with a pulse. I want to tell everyone I know about it! Thank you Mandy!

Stephanie Hess

Wellness Coach

Mandy cuts through all the fluffy BS and gets right to the gems of what actually WORKS. She is able to communicate these concepts in a way that you’ll actually UNDERSTAND and be able to easily implement. Clear, bold, and on point – all while having a great time and feeling massively supported!

Amanda McNair

Coach, Authentic Soul Coaching

This is the best investment I’ve made to date. Strongly recommend Mandy’s programs!!!! I’ve had more growth in the last 4 wks and I thank you.

Dayana Sovran



(all recorded and loaded into a membership to access for life)
I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, working with and training with the top minds in the world, and have worked with thousands of coaches to bring you this program. What value can you put on the result of having a business and life of freedom and impact?


Every question answered as well as meeting like minded people that play at this level and cheer you on.


These are based off all of my knowledge and experience building this worldwide business, things that took me YEARS to learn compacted into easy powerful items for you.




VALUE: Hundreds of thousands of dollars I am sure, because you can always come back when you have upleveled and remember what shifts and work you did that transformed your life. 

TOTAL VALUE:  $32,500

No more searching for the magic pill, the one HOW that will change everything.

It’s time to DECIDE you are unavailable for anything less than an epic life of FREEDOM, and DECIDE today that you are willing to show up 100% committed and watch and see how the Universe meets you and hears your clear signal of being ready.

All of the Universe is working on YOUR behalf to guide you.

There is only one question you need to ask…

This program is for you if you are ready to:


Challenge some beliefs you hold about what is possible for you.

Show up and do some new things even if it feels uncomfortable (resistance is always the greatest RIGHT before the breakthrough)

Believe in yourself as much as me and your tribe believe in you.

Take daily INSPIRED action though this 9 weeks to impact the world and make an epic income.


There are people out there suffering and looking for someone like you who has been willing to take brave leaps and hold a strong space for them to heal and grow. They just haven’t been able to find you yet.



Still have questions? 

But Mandy, How do I know it will it work?

When we focus on what it feels and sounds like this…“Will it work? Is it the right for me? What if I don’t make my money back? How is this different from everything else I’ve tried? If I try and fail this again, I won’t be able to stand myself.

As fun as that is… this is really the whole point. Learning to become the person who focuses on WHATS POSSIBLE rather than what if IS the whole point. It is the work. If you struggle with these thoughts, you belong in this program.


I’m busy and already bought a bunch of courses. How much time will I need to invest each week? 

This program is about POWER moves… Not a bunch of frantic work that never needed to be done. The rule is, we don’t do anything or business doesn’t require us to do. 2 hours a week is plenty to maximize this course.


I’m not sure it’s wise to make another investment…

I know it is against tradition thinking of normal 9-5 people. Doing something EPIC in life requires epic bravery.  It can feel reckless to invest especially if you’ve already invested in a bunch of programs and you’ve yet to see a return on those investments.

But this isn’t a how to – this is  CHANGING THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

This isn’t crystals, books, free webinars, how to insta-fix, and all the other things that take up our time and help us feel better but don’t create the LIFE CHANGING results…. this is the real work.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, and you would become one of the top 1% in the industry making 7 figures… how insignificant would this investment be? And in 10 years, will how much it took you to get there have mattered?



Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions?

** You may reach us at for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions.

Q:  Are training videos recorded for replay later?

** Yes – you can access all trainings for this program in the Facebook Group or in the membership area of the site.


I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students. Protection Status