Soul Fed - Sarasota 2018 (Inside page) - Mandy Perry

>> You belong in the room <<


Your most creative idea come when your soul is FULL.




Actual RESULTS from live events:


* $0 income to first $10k week

* Book out 1:1 practice

* Life long friendships and joint ventures

* Clarity on who you are & marketing self

* Up-leveling to a new level of success – mind, body, soul.

* Spontaneous laughter and dance

* Re-inspired to do your work

* Clarity on purpose



This is for YOU if you are ready to:

>> Get the shit thats stuck on you that’s not meant to be there OFF.

>> Feel deeply connected like “This is how life is meant to be!”

>> re energized to show up big in life when you get back

>> Creative juices flowing and know damn well you have reached a new level.

>> Proud of yourself for being willing to do this with others rather than doing it alone.


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