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I am so excited to tell you how I scaled so fast– from the welfare mom to a global company $1.4MM 3 years in… with no emails, funnels, networks, or even any business experience.

We can do this!



Y’all have been asking for this for a long time and I’m absolutely thrilled to serve you and give you a hug in person!! 




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Jan  – West Palm FL

Feb  – TBD

Mar – TBD

Apr  – TBD

May  – TBD

June  – TBD

July – TBD

Aug  – TBD

Sept  – TBD

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Dec  – TBD

Remember, it was always you.

I love you
Mandy xx

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By the end of this masterclass you will see what 97% of those trying to build success online do not see. This is going to blow your mind. I will see you there!

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